We sling BBQ, but we're truly in the business of building community! Whether we're coming to you, or you're coming to us, we value the time we spend getting to know our neighbors and connecting people. We don't take for granted that you choose to chow down with us, and by doing so you support our family and make our dreams a reality! Thank you!

If you have an event you'd like to collaborate on or we can support your fundraising efforts, please let us know! We will always believe in Community, first! 

Below are some of the events and organizations we support and prioritize throughout the year!


First Responders and Military Members (active or retired) will always be treated to 10% off any purchase. We appreciate your service! 


Mike & Erin have been volunteer staff members for Camp Footprint for 8+ years! This is the only summer camp in the world for kids 10-18 with Charcot Marie Tooth disease, a diagnosis Erin, Bear and several other family members share. 

Our camp family means the world to us and fills our cup year 'round! 

For more information or to donate: 


"Hunt for Hope, Cooper McCoy, Inc. (CMI) is a non-profit organization providing outdoor educational and recreational opportunities for physically challenged, medically fragile, and able-bodied youth!"

We have been so honored to support this yearly celebration event held in Ohio. 

For more information or to donate: